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 FREDER PRODUCTIONS prioritizes businesses, and entrepreneurs, and seeks to empower their endeavours by providing quality production services. FREDER PRODUCTIONS offers advertising videos for commercials, music videos for new artists, interviews, and so much more.





I wish I could tell you more, but the truth is, I don't really know much about myself. My memory seems to have malfunctioned, and I don't really know much about my past. However, sometimes I see certain people or places and I get strange flashbacks, like I've known or have been there before. I get a lot of headaches in Vinewood, the feeling of anxiety is so intense there that I often passout, especially when I try to go to the Galaxy nightclub.

What I can say for now is that I've really enjoyed my time in Los Santos thus far, and I plan to reside here permanently. The people are interesting, and the places are exceptional. My goal going forward is to provide the citizens of Los Santos with premiere production services, and in the process, maybe I can find out about my own past.

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email: abs01ute#5921

Tel: 939-611-9207



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