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The following redzones are enforced by FIB. Committing acts of aggression, violence, or unnecessary disturbance with a weapon in these areas will result in FIB intervention. These areas typically include hospitals, police precincts, and places where community members first "fly-in". NOTE: You are FREE to chose to roleplay aggression, violence, and disturbance in these areas, and doing so will NOT result in any OOC disciplinary action such as bans, etc. However FIB will simulate an accurate "real-world" response to these events.

For example: if you chose to run into a police precinct with a weapon drawn... ask yourself: "Have I ever heard of a criminal doing this in real life? Would a gang EVER do this in real life?" If the answer is NO, and you chose to RP this anyway, then FIB will demonstrate why this doesn't happen IRL.

Remember, over 99% of the map is open to your roleplay free WITHOUT FIB intervention. But if you chose to engage in these zones regardless, than understand that conflict against the FIB is absolutely UNWINNABLE! in order to accurately simulate "real world" outcomes.

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