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Freder Productions has successfully completed testing of its revolutionary new poker app!
The Poker Club will now be hosting its first ever poker tournament. Entry to the poker tournament is $10K, the table buy-in is $100K. There are only 10 seats available, please contact 939-611-9207 to reserve a spot. Date of the event will be TBD

All games will be broadcast live on the laptop for the Los Santos public!

Compete in tournaments to become the best poker player in the city. After each tournament the 1st place champion will be awarded 3 points, 2nd place will be awarded 2 points, and 3rd place will be awarded 1 point.

Registered & fully paid contestants:

1)  "open seat"

2)   "open seat"

3)   "open seat"

4)   "open seat"

5)   "open seat"

6)   "open seat"

7)   "open seat"

8)   "open seat"

9)   "open seat"

10) "open seat"

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